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The marquees, commonly called tent poles are erected through the establishment of one or more center poles used to support the roof. The center poles are arranged vertically and are at the center of the tents. It is precisely the center poles that create the lovely tent sprockets.

All around the tent’s roof will be supported by poles or the side legs of the tent. The canvas of the roof’s tent is then stretched by the tension which will be anchored by stakes or weight evenly distributed, four feet from the edge of the tent. The number of tensioning anchors and the tension exerted will vary according to the size of the tent.

Discover expertise matched to your needs. We know how to convey your event according to your needs and expectations. That is why we always proceed to elaborate an internal and external layout plan of the tent as well as the picture taking of the site and specific measures, as well as the many contingencies.

We also perform the unification of tents and marquees for your comfort!

Do not hesitate to seek the help of our consultants!

Location de Tentes ACME Tent Rentals

Location de Tentes ACME Tent Rentals